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August 3rd, 2010

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Okay so I lied...this is my regular journal now, I'll make another one for writing.

Same as before, comment to be added.

July 24th, 2009

Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer

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has been leaked! Thing is, the trailer wasn't supposed to be released until after ComicCon but someone fucked up and it's been spreading throughout the internet. Obviously it's being taken down as soon as Disney finds out where it's been leaked but you can see it here on RuTube which is apparently a Russian version of YouTube.

Want to see it *bounces*

June 14th, 2009

The Sims 3 Experience

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So I did go by TS3 early Saturday morning on June 6th (like 3 or 4 in the morning, after work), and sadly I have only been able to play it twice and not for really all that long. My plan was to install it on the laptop because it is better than my computer...or so I thought. I guess I forgot to check what I had for graphics on it and apparently it's not compatible with the game so it was REAL slow and obnoxious. So I installed it on the computer, not expecting any improvement but thankfully nothing was incompatible with it.

Anyhoo, I proceeded to create two Sims. Voltaire and Maura, from the book that I am writing. They are married in the game only because I didn't want to have to spend the bulk of my playing to get them together. Next I threw them in a house (I don't remember which one but it doesn't matter) and then went around to play with other houses. Instead of building them a house like I usually do, I chose one from a list and threw it on a lot then set to work on making it look how I wanted it to. Then of course I had to use the motherlode cheat to get my couple into that house ;) I love that cheat.

But yeah that was pretty much my first day, it took a long time to do all that. I will have to see if I can find a Voltaire-esque hairstyle to download because I couldn't find one like it in the game. The hair I chose for him is close enough. I spent more time on him than I did Maura so she doesn't quite look right but I think I can fix it later.

I just let them do their own thing that first day but I had to intervene a few times because Maura is apparently a slob. Voltaire picks up his plate after he's done and sticks it into the dishwasher but I had to force Maura to do it. Voltaire played video games all day while Maura painted.

Oh yeah...traits. They both got to have 5 traits. Younger Sims don't get that many, I believe it was 3 for infants and/or toddlers. But anyway, here is the rundown of traits for my Sims.


Natural Cook

This makes for a fairly odd couple, what with Voltaire being evil and Maura good. Technically they are both neutral but Voltaire is more evil and Maura is more good. And of course I had to give Voltaire kleptomaniac since he is a thief ;)

They had their first night then woke up and Voltaire let out an evil laugh as soon as he got out of bed. It was completely unexpected and I was paying attention to something else because Maura got up first (and spent the day in her underwear) so of course I jumped. I was like wtf? This could be interesting.

Day 2
This was, oddly enough, this past Saturday. Voltaire has been playing more guitar and less video games, which is good otherwise I might have to remove them or just force him to play. Maura paints and plays chess a lot. But today I decided to run their lives a bit. So Voltaire got a job as something I can't remember but it's on his path to his lifetime goal to become a master thief. He got the job on Wednesday but he didn't have to work that day or Thursday so I got to do some fun stuff with him. Maura got guitar lessons at the theatre and a job that will help raise her cooking skill.

At nighttime I sent Voltaire to the cemetery because one of his wishes is to see a ghost so I thought I would see if I could fulfill that. He stood there for awhile at the gate and then he entered and stood next to this one tombstone. Well then he got this really devious grin and he rubbed his hands together so obviously that meant he was up to something. I was at a really odd angle and couldn't move the camera fast enough, I wish I could have recorded what he did. It looked like he swiped the tombstone because it disappeared but then I got a pop up saying that he stole someone's remains XD I was laughing so hard I'm glad no one was at home or they'd think I had gone mad. Best thing that happened so far.

Maura invited Cornelia Goth over so they chatted and got to know one another. The Goth family has been in The Sims since the beginning but this game is set before the original Sims so the Goths in Sims and Sims 2 are just little kids in this one. Well anyway, Cornelia left when Maura and V decided to go to bed but she left out the back door. Why there are no stairs back there I don't know and didn't notice but instead of going back through the house to the front door where there ARE steps, she just stood there yelling because she couldn't go anywhere. I had absolutely no idea where the Hell she was, I could here her but I couldn't find her. I finally did in the morning when I checked up on how my Sims were doing and saw her through the door and was like O.o? So I went to her and she's stamping her foot yelling and I wish I could have been able to move her ass but I couldn't. She was exhausted and at one point she passed out but she got back up and was chatting on the phone a couple times. I finally went into build mode (after I was done laughing at her of course) to build her some damn stairs so she could leave.

I don't have screenshots to show, mostly because I don't know how to get to them :( I'll have to figure it out. When I do get them I'll show you what they look like.

January 17th, 2009

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Whatever happened to just chatting? Anytime I try to talk to someone on AIM (except Val, she never asks) they're like "wanna play" "wanna rp?" and frankly I'm tired of it. Well except for the rps I miss (*cough*Mora/V*cough*).

And I'm supposed to do a secret Santa thing today and haven't heard from anyone yet when we're supposed to go.

But I don't care.

May 25th, 2008

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Take the Quiz

I can live with that...though my real celebrity soulmate isn't listed ;)

January 26th, 2008

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Authors: [info]darkfaelin & [info]daleked
Characters: Voltaire (mine) & Mora
Fandom: Original Fantasy
Details: AIM Log
Status: Complete
Background: Sometime after V turns Mora and has a dream about pirates.
Warnings: Well, just about everything here is inappropriate for kids (in other words...sex, sex and more sex)
Notes: My contribution is in red.

Born Bad )

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Authors: [info]darkfaelin & [info]daleked
Characters: Voltaire (mine) & Mora
Fandom: Original Fantasy
Details: AIM Log
Warnings and Notes: um...sex :D
Status: Complete

Bets, blood, smoke and alcohol...what more could a guy ask for? Oh right, there is one other thing... )

August 25th, 2007

Mordram/Moraghan Directory

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Authors: [info]darkfaelin & [info]daleked
Characters: Mordram and Moraghan Butcher
Fandom: Original Fantasy
Theme Set: LW2
Warnings and Notes: Sex (hetero), nudity, language, evilness
Status: Incomplete

Prompts and Order )

August 4th, 2007

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In partnership with [info]daleked.

Fandom: Original Fantasy.
Pairing: Voltaire/Mora.
Species: Dhampir/Witch.
Location: Florence, Italy and Beyond.
General Ratings: R - NC17.
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sex, Blood, Gore, Profuse Alcohol Consumption.

01.Jekyll/Hide 02.Ocean 03.Chocolate 04.Snow 05.Chaos
06.Sugar 07.Night 08.Tea 09.Money 10.Candy Canes
11.Donuts 12.Bath 13.Sun 14.Clouds 15.Warm
16.Cold 17.Pillow 18.Blanket 19.Lust 20.Love
21.Commitment 22.Together 23.Forever 24.Joyful 25.Knife
26.Blood 27.Bandage 28.Hospital 29.Scars 30.Cuddle
31.Weekend 32.Vacation 33.Home 34.Anniversary 35.Birthday
36.Holiday 37.Sing 38.Dance 39.Absinthe 40.Darkness
41.Question 42.Answer
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